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Consulting project on developing KPI system and 2P compensation for Anvietco

Launching the project on Human Resource Management for Techpro
26 November, 2015
Strategy Consulting and Developing BSC – KPI system for Abipha Group
6 June, 2016

In November 2015, OCD Management Consulting has launched the consulting project on Developing KPI system and 2P compensation system for An Viet Technology Trading JSC (Anvietco) – the leading distributor of air conditioning. The project aims to (1) Review the functional system, professional system and recommendations to refine the Job Description; (2) Standardize the process; (3) Develop the performance system evaluation using Balance Scored Card (BSC); (4) Develop the regulations of 2Ps compensation for position and performance.


OCD Management Consulting has many years of professional experience in developing Key Performance Indicator system, compensation system for business. The following are several recent projects that OCD has implemented for the clients:

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