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Restructure and Develop HR Management System of PTI Insurancce

Đào tạo Mini-MBA cho Canon Vietnam
4 June, 2010
Building the Development Strategies and setting up HR Management system for Capital House
6 March, 2011

In 2011, OCD successfully completed the consulting project to Restructure and Develop HR Management System of the Post and Telecommunications Insurance Company (PTI)supporting their mission to become a non-life insurance retailer with the biggest distribution system in the Vietnam market. The consultants were focused in (i) reviewing and assessing the appropriateness of the organizational structure with strategy, (ii) standardizing  title structure, (iii) building a system of titles and job description for the positions of PTI, (iv) developing  the overall compensation system including wage system, (v) seting up KPI based rating system to evaluate the performance of departments and job titles; (vi) developing policies and procedures for staff recruitment, training and planning.