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Vietnam Market Research: Customer Satisfaction Surveying & Analysis for Power Corporations (EVN-CPC, EVN-NPC, EVN-HPC, EVN-SPC)

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Tư vấn hệ thống chỉ số KPI cho Vincom Retail
23 September, 2014
Strategy Management Training for Ha Long Investment and Consultant JSC
2 July, 2015

In last 2014 and early 2015, the OCD Market Research team performed customer satisfaction research for the Centre Power Corporation (CPC), South Power Corporation (SPC), North Power Corporation (NPC), Hanoi Power Corporation (HPC) – regional bodies of Electricity of Vietnam (EVN), Vietnam’s largest energy company. EVN-CPC, EVN-SPC, EVN-NPC and HPC provides the majority of energy to their regions and have a number of cities and provinces under their umbrella of services.

This market research project was implemented in each of these cities and provinces while utilizing a sample size of thousands of organizational and household customers. The overarching objective was to provide relevant data and data analysis on the level of customer satisfaction to generate insight for EVN-CPC, EVN-SPC, EVN-NPC, HPC; thereby informing their strategy-making process and ultimately boosting customer satisfaction. This market research project is only one among many implemented through OCD Management Consulting’s Market Research team.